Fashionista’s Outfit Tips to Make you Look Irresistible

Fashionista Outfit Tips to Make you Look Irresistible

Everyone is not born with a good styling sense. Here are a few easy Fashionista outfit tips that we have gathered for you to look irresistible.

Looking stylish, hot, or chic is something every woman wants but at times fails miserably at it. One thing to remember is that you do not have to spend hefty amounts of money on expensive things to look good.

You can very much rock a plain dress-down-shirt-with-jeans look if you style it the right way. However, selecting clothes is a major part of the game. You can always choose Khaadi UAE, for example, to buy trendy clothes. But if you lack the aesthetics to style, no dress will do!

However, thanks to these times that we live in! It’s an era where Instagram or Pinterest can solve almost every issue at hand.

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Here are a few Easy Outfit Tips that we have gathered for you to look irresistible.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Guess who likes an off-shoulder look the most? The guys. So, ladies if there is any part of the skin that you can show confidently, is your shoulders. It is bound to keep your guy’s eyes on you. Men are attracted to this part of a woman and find it very sexy. Apart from that, it makes you look very chic without revealing much of your body. Moreover, these tops look cute and give a tasteful impression. So, invest in a couple of off-shoulder dresses or tops.

Classics Never Get Old

Some classics should be a part of your wardrobe. These include denim jackets, leather jackets, and a trench coat. Of all these three classics, the trench coat never goes out of fashion. Like literally never! And it gives you a very classy look. Apart from that, leather jackets are almost all the time in fashion as well. You can choose from a variety of colors. But nothing beats a brown or a black leather jacket. Pair it up with a pair of jeans and long boots. And you are ready to go.


Whether it be summer or winter, one accessory that can come in handy is a scarf. In fact, women’s accessories in general are an easy way to enhance your existing outfits.

In summer, you can pair a solid-colored shirt with a printed or patterned scarf. Nothing looks minimal and classy. There are different ways to carry it as well. You can even tie it on your head and rock the Audrey Hepburn look. Or you can make a headband out of it. In winter, however, you will need to invest in warmer versions of scarves, the mufflers. You get to choose from a variety of materials and styles. Pair it up with your outfit and see those eyes turning your way.


Layering is the best dressing-up policy. Whenever you are in doubt about the fit of a shirt or the whole look of the top, go for layers. Not only will layering hide the flaw that you see on the top, but it also gives you a trendy look. If you think that you cannot layer in summer, you can’t be more wrong! You can always invest in those cotton jackets, lacey shrugs, or overalls. In fact, layering in summer looks trendier than in winter. Because of the variety of overalls or jackets that come in various colors and patterns. The styles of the jackets are endless as well.

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

One piece of dressing that has almost everyone confused is those jeans. When it’s not the colors that are causing mayhem in your life, choosing the size that fits you the best creates confusion. In case, you are wondering, you should always invest in a size smaller than your original size. The reason is that denim tends to stretch after 1-2 washes. You will, by default, get a size that perfectly fits (not too small or too large) after two washes.

View from Every Angle

Whenever you invest in a dress or a top, take your time while selecting it. Do not rush into buying something without viewing it from all angles. Try it on and check yourself in the mirror from every angle. You should also make an effort and check the outfit under different lights. Because some garments tend to be see-through during the daylight. So, it’s better you know of it before.


Do you know that women can wear men’s clothes better than men themselves? Just kidding! But yeah women can rock menswear equally well. In fact, menswear is more comfortable than women’s wear at times. Moreover, it helps to make a strong fashion statement.

Vertical over Horizontal

If you get to choose between horizontal and vertical stripes, go with the latter. Because vertical stripes make short women look taller. As far as plus-sized women are concerned, the vertical stripes create an illusion and make them look slimmer. So a win-win situation.

Animal Prints

Buy yourself at least one leopard-printed garment. It can be either a top or a dress. Apart from that, you can also invest in animal print trousers or pants. You can pair them up with a plain solid colored shirt. Wear some chunky jewelry to accessorize.

Blazer Up

Not always but sometimes, blazers give you a very chic look. When paired with jeans they turn out to be a classy piece of garment. From solid-colored to printed blazers, you can choose from a huge variety available in stores these days.

However, if none of these outfit tips work and you still find yourself wondering what to wear, search online!  There are many brands that have websites showcasing their clothing line. You would get a pretty good idea from those about how to style up and look trendy.


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