Extensive Services offered by Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne


Have you been worried about your aged parents well being when you are away?

They had done so much for you when you were children; now it’s your turn to put heart and soul in taking take care of them.

But the most pertinent question here is, where is their comfort zone? Accordingly, you can decide on availing services offered by Aged Care Cleaning Melbourne.


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Comfort Zone of Aged Person

  • Independent Living – Most aged people in Melbourne prefer living in the same residential place independently where they have been living for the past so many years.

  • Parent-Children living together – Children with or without their spouse living with their aged parents. But it is prevalent from many years ago, that sons and daughters, both are working in a job or business. So, for taking care of your aged parents is a challenge.

  • Transitional Care – In case of any after hospitalisation care needed. This will also involve cleaning (disinfecting and sterilizing) old patient care equipment like critical items (needles, ingrained urethral catheters), semi-critical items (oral thermometer, respiratory therapy equipment), or non-critical items (blood-pressure cuffs, stethoscope). Removal of visible organic residues like blood or mucus.

This care could be needed in either type of living: Independent or Parent Children Living together. This infection prevention strategy calls for expertise in this area.

  • Aged Care Homes – Whatever be the situation, needs keep changing. And when one age to the extent that living alone is dangerous for the aged (for numerous reasons). Even if children are living with parents, it is difficult for them to be at home all the time to take good care of the aged. So moving the aged people in residential aged care is a very good option.

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What services should you look for to decide on aged care cleaning?

Truly said, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Also cleaner the environment, healthier and happier is the people living in it. You will definitely want your loveable aged people to be in high spirits. Isn’t it?

Whichever comfort zone (discussed above) your aged parents may prefer, you can make the following services available to them:

  1. Health is Wealth – Personal care for, e.g. bathing, dressing, nail cutting, etc. maybe some of the health-related services. Your aged parents will appreciate if this help is available.

  1. Hygiene is a Must – In aged care homes, many aged people live under the same roof. You will agree that in old age, one is more susceptible to infection than in young age. Hence utmost care for cleanliness is essential to avoid illness.

  1. Emotional Welfare – With health and hygiene well being and clean communal space, elderly residents will be encouraged to interact with each other. Thus, fewer cases of depression and balance of emotions.

  1. The service team is not just cleaner – The service team is not only a cleaner but above all is a human being to understand the needs, the irritabilities, the incompetencies and so on of your aged people. They understand well that they are cleaning someone’s “Home Sweet Home.”

So their style of working is full of compassion and respect. They are skilled in the English language, trained in palliative care and spotless cleaning.

Supplementary Support Services –

Some may provide these services in a supplement to the above discussed.

  • Floor to ceiling infection control
  • Steam Cleaning of the kitchen up to food grade level
  • Tile and Grout Steam cleaning
  • Carpet, Curtains, etc. upholstery Cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Window Cleaning up to all heights
  • Dusting furniture
  • Buffing and polishing hard floors
  • Pest and other Insects control
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Car parking area cleaning
  • Overall building
  • Landscape and Garden Maintenance

Ensure that all cleaning is done methodically and with a low-irritant cleaning and/or environment-friendly product. There is absolutely no need to worry about your loving parents. As now they will dwell in a tidy environment with the services of aged care cleaning Melbourne.


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