The Evolution of Philippine ESports


Everyone loves video games, in any form, any console, and of course, any genre available! There’s just something about it that really entices every avid gamer, especially Filipinos, to gather in one place and play to their heart’s content; in fact, one of those things that constitutes that very ‘something’ is none other than Philippine eSports.

ESports in the Philippines has reached far and wide not just across the metro, but across the archipelago as well! It’s the one event where you and fellow gamers can show off their skills and determine who among them reigns supreme and take home the crown! If ever you’re wondering how far has the Philippine eSports community has come, here’s a ‘walkthrough’ time…pun intended:

The Past

Nowadays, going online to play your favorite online game would mean that you would either have to download the game and get better internet connection, or rather go to an internet café, pay some fees, and play to your heart’s content; however, back then, it wasn’t really that easy.

The computer shops we all see nowadays were a lot fewer back in the day. Games were kind of limited (besides classic gems in Philippine gaming such as Ragnarok, FLYFF, and RAN ONLINE) and having to play one may mean that you would have to queue up with other interested players and wait your turn.

Also, back then, the PC wasn’t really a go-to choice of console for most gamers as it was the reigning era of such consoles as the PlayStation, Xbox, and even the Gamecube. Plus, online gaming wasn’t that recognized back in the day as the chances of playing online were almost slim since most console gamers would prefer to play single-player campaigns instead of sharing the stage with fellow gamers.

That would all change in the nick of time…

The Present

Since the introduction of such games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients, as well as the re-emergence of other iconic games like World of Warcraft and Counter Strike, the gaming community has undergone a drastic, yet impactful evolution. More and more players engaged with one another in exhilarating matches, more mods and updates were released in certain games, and of course, tournaments would be held in any place where a game was receiving the gaming heat. Eventually, this would form into the eSports community we all know and love!

Nowadays, net cafes have been established around the country, as well as numerous games of the online variant have also been introduced and established. Not only that, the consoles that people still play to this day have also gotten an upgrade, further widening their reach of the gaming audience by allowing online play for maximum engagement. Plus, numerous tournaments that were held in small net shops back in the day have been given worldwide recognition, especially from the Philippine government where the Gaming and Amusements Board (GAB) has given its recognition of the eSports community! Hooray for all gamers!

The Future (Key Takeaway)

The future of eSports in the Philippines has been, no doubt, cemented in modern society; and with numerous tournaments in store for the coming years, as well as new games being introduced, gaming has never been more impactful than ever!


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