Dropbox New Transfer Feature Allows You To Share Files 


File sharing is likely one of the most common things we do as going professionals and even scholars for that matter. However, it still happens to be an extremely time-consuming task, unless you’re in walled-gardens, or willing to trust Chinese third-party apps like Xender. Even then, they are rarely useful or reliable.

Dropbox declared that it’s running out Dropbox Transfer, a new way to share files without also sharing access to your personal copies of them. When you organize your data into a transfer, you’ll get a link to a landing page that you can share, and the users who get it can directly download the file from that page or save it to their Dropbox account.


You can generate shareable links via the Dropbox website, the iOS app, or by directly heading to the “dropbox.com/transfer” website on your browser. You need to be logged in to Dropbox to share files.

You can transfer up to 100MB of files with a free Dropbox account, which could be helpful if you need to email files that are larger than Gmail’s 25MB limit for attachments. And your transfers won’t live forever, as you can pick to have them expire after three or seven days.

My problems with the Dropbox Transfer feature are the extremely low file-size support for Free users and the fact that you have to sign up before you can share. Firefox Send allows users to send up to 1GB of files without having to sign-up or sign-in and even also allows them to password-protect their files and set a termination date. What’s more, just by signing-in, users can share data up to 2.5GB in size. That’s a total lot more than what Dropbox is giving here. 

What do you think about this new dropbox feature? Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. 


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