Different Useful Features And Advantages Of Installing Framed Shower Screens


Different types of showers are installed in the modern bathrooms and people love to enjoy their bath under the artificial rain from the shower in their bathroom. So, many house owners like to have an elegant shower area, by installing different types of shower screens. These screens are available in framed, semi-framed or unframed conditions to serve several purposes. Though framed shower screens are more popular in many households. In some shower screens, only the outer perimeter may be framed for rendering an unframed appearance and used in small spaces. However, fully framed screens can be commonly installed in all types of bathrooms.

Important Reasons For Preferring Framed Shower Screens


Wide Range Of Varieties – It is the most convenient to use fully framed shower screens in bathrooms, as these screens are totally supported by the surrounding frames. These screens are available in different sizes and thus, can be fitted in any type of bathroom, large or small. The frames are available in many colours and designs, to provide many options for house owners to match the interior decor of their bathrooms. Some people also prefer the transparent frames for matching the intricate designs of glass shower screens.  The glass of these screens may also be plain, or available along with different designs on the body. These glass doors are easy to open by sliding or in a pivotal way, as per the spaces available at the shower areas.

Cheaper Prices – It is seen that the installation of fully framed shower screens is the most economical option for house owners. The cost of this type of shower screen is much cheaper than the semi-framed or frameless versions. The unframed screen is the most expensive type that may not be affordable by many common homeowners. Even the most stylish varieties of framed screens are more affordable than the unframed ones.

Better Durability – Due to the strong support of rigid frames all along with glass screens, these framed screens last much longer than the unframed varieties. The framed shower screens can retain the original glamour even after many years of continuous use in the bathrooms. Thus, the house owners do not need to replace these screens in spite of using for many decades. The presence of these elegant screens beautifies the old bathrooms of shabby state.


Low Maintenance – The glass screens just need to be cleaned regularly, to eliminate all the dirt particles. Usually, the spray of shower water washes off all dust and dirt from the inner surface of these screens. So, only the outer surface of framed shower screens should be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth to maintain the original grandeur of these glass structures. These frames should be cleaned carefully on both sides; to clear all accumulated soap foam and dust from the minute joints and edges.

The shower screens are useful for separating the dry areas of the bathroom from the wet shower area. These screens also help in keeping rest of bathroom in dry condition, preventing accidents due to slipping on wet floors of bathrooms.  The framed shower screens are made of very tough kinds of glass and hinges made of high-quality brass. The other necessary hardware parts of these shower doors are also preferably made of brass, due to the anti-corrosive nature of this metal. Usually, the manufacturers of these screens help the buyers in installing these doors at their bathrooms and guide them in taking proper care of the maintenance of these screens.

Therefore, these shower screens are available at all local hardware stores and minimum 5 years warranty is provided on the hardware of these screens.


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