The development of attention during basketball training is a part of sports psychology


In training basketball the number of ball possessions per team is a fundamental aspect to achieve victory. The greater the number of possessions per team, the better the number of opportunities to score. There are several ways to reconquer the ball, but in the present investigation it is tried to analyse if the amount of recoveries and losses of ball of each one of the players has a relation with its capacity of mind set sports psychology, attention and its ability to concentrate.

The goal of invasion sports is to look for a favourable space to perform an individual technical / tactical action that allows you to score. For this, players must have a great capacity to adapt to a constantly changing environment, in which the sources of stimuli to which they must attend are numerous. The high amount of information to which the player is exposed and his limited ability to process it will force him to adjust to select the most relevant signals.

Theoretical framework – Invasion Sports: Basketball

The complexity of invasion sports lies in the number of variables that influence when executing a motor action within the field of play. Every technical gesture begins with a process of perception, then analysis and finally execution, where the athlete must put into play both cognitive and motor variables to perform a specific action.Invasion sports are essentially composed of open skills, which in contrast to closed ones, are carried out in an uncertain environment, dependent on situational demands in which the participant must anticipate and make decisions.

The capacity for attention and concentration seem to have a fundamental role in starting the process of perception, decision and execution by the player. In a sport like Basketball mind, where the actions are very fast, the field where they develop very small and the dynamics of the game very complex, attention span and concentration are skills that can determine who will be or not successful.

Attention and concentration are both important terms for the players

The player must filter the information received and decide which is the most significant according to their need for response, for this the role of attention is essential. Players must learn to attend and concentrate on the relevant stimuli in their environment and select the ones that are most relevant to relate them to other data stored in memory and be able to make quick decisions.In the different tasks that we perform daily such as driving, working or staying receptive and attentive during a conference, the mind of the human being actively exercises his attention and concentration skills. Attending implies, selective and directed perception, interest in a particular source of stimulation and effort, or concentration on a task.

Seeing or listening, attending and perceiving are not synonymous processes. Attending or “paying attention” is to selectively focus our awareness, filtering and discarding unwanted information. As an emerging process from various neuronal mechanisms managing the constant flow of sensory information and working to resolve the competition between stimuli for parallel processing, timing appropriate responses and, ultimately, controlling behaviour.Attending, therefore, requires a neurocognitive effort that precedes perception, intention and action. Selectively focus our awareness to filter the constant flow of sensory information, resolve competition between stimuli for parallel processing, and recruit and activate brain areas to time appropriate responses.

Do not underestimate the self-motivation technique

Attention and concentration are considered by most experts as two of the most important and influential psychological variables in achieving sports success. In the sports field, even more so in the invasion sports, the concentration plays a fundamental role in the competition, conditioning very directly such relevant aspects as the precision or speed of motor execution.


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