How Data Science Can Help Save the Planet


Google has recently joined hands with UK based company Deep mind to apply artificial intelligence for reducing power consumption at their data centres. This has helped Google reduce the cooling costs by 40%. The point is we should stop blaming technology and start using it to make world a better place or at least to stop it from getting worse.

Our planet earth is sick; the global average temperatures are going to rise by 1.5 to 4 degrees within a few years. 102 countries have been struck by natural disasters in the last couple of decades. Carbon emission is at a historical high and increasing. The polar ice caps are but a shadow of what they used to be a few decades ago. We are entering a new decade and any one can tell that our existence on earth is threatened.

Data science is the hope

Thanks to the tools and techniques of data science that we are at least aware of how bad things are and how much worse they can get in near future. The exponents of data science like artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used in various ways to tackle different situations, eventually gaining some control over climate change.

To stop deforestation

Thanks to the advancements in data processing real time image processing is a reality now. Hence, it is possible to monitor forests to detect attempts of deforestation. This may include the illicit activities of wood smugglers and the possibilities of a man made wild fire. The satellite imagery can be processed in real time and any information can be conveyed to the local authorities.

Now, this is something really big to start with, but AI and machine learning can be used in smaller, simpler ways to bring small changes can have a great impact.

Helping the energy sector reduce consumption

AI based algorithms can be used to predict the energy demands for a certain period of time. These insights can be followed to regulate the production of energy to match with the demand so as not to waste any. This can be a great way to reduce carbon emission as well as to save energy.

Improving logistics

Data science can help the logistics industry in a good many different ways. Discussing all those would require a whole article so we can just talk about the basics. Digital-commerce has triggered worldwide trade in an unprecedented way. Logistics play a pivotal role in the process. So, there is an addition to the carbon dioxide emission and fuel consumption. It is difficult to tackle that but prior information about roads; identification of broken car parts; notification about unusual fuel consumption, can all be very effective in their own little ways.

The potential of data science along with the technologies like artificial intelligence, deep learning and machine learning are yet to be fully uncovered. Students opting for data science courses get a chance to change the world for better apart from securing great careers for themselves.


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