CoronaVirus Disease – Everything you should know about

Coronavirus Disease

How CoronaVirus Spread:- 

This virus is spread mainly from person-to-person. The persons who are in close contact with each other within about 6 feet and also through respiratory droplets composed when an infected person sneezes or coughs. These droplets can settle in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby be inhaled into the lungs.

It may be probable that a person can get CoronaVirus by touching an object or surface that has that virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not assumed to be the primary way the virus spreads.

Symptoms of CoronaVirus:-

Inform your doctor immediately if you have fever, cough, and shortness of breath. After exposure, these symptoms may appear 2-14 days.

Treatment and Prevention of CoronaVirus:- 

There is currently no vaccine to stop this coronavirus disease. The best method to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. However, as always suggests everyday preventive steps to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases which are:-

  • Avoid intimate or close contact with people who are sick.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • When you are sick, stay home.
  • Mask or cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue paper, then throw this tissue in the garbage.
  • Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Wash your hands repeatedly with clean soap and water for at least 20 seconds, mainly after moving to the bathroom, after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing and before eating, or you can use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

What You Can Do If You Are Ill With CoronaVirus Disease:-

Call immediately to a healthcare specialist if you develop a fever and signs of respiratory illness, such as cough or difficulty in breathing, and if you have been in close contact with a person known to have this disease or if you live in or have recently traveled to an area with the ongoing spread. Inform your healthcare professional about your recent travel or contact.


Travel Information About CoronaVirus:- 

As per the information, travelers avoid all nonessential travel to the following places:-

  • China
  • Iran
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • Japan

Don’t travel if it’s not necessary.

As per the news, a total of 95,500 cases are detected of CoronaVirus and deaths 3,286 and 53,689 recovered cases. Currently, 38,525 cases are active, and 56,975 cases are closed.

Wear a facemask when you are around with other people and take all prevention, which you can consider so that you can save from this virus. Mark this, if it’s not necessary, then don’t go in the affected areas and take all the preventions if you are ill.

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