How You Can Write a Blog (A Guide for Beginners)


You are wondering how you can write a blog? There is too much information on the web, and everyone has different concepts. If ‘you’re searching for a free, simple, and step-by-step guide to follow on how you can start a blog, then we will solve your problem.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of site that focuses mainly on written content, also known as blog posts.

How can you start a blog?

Choosing a selected blogging platform:- Deciding where you want to write a blog is pretty bulky. You will see so many platforms for writing a blog like bloggers, tumblers, WordPress, doe, and much more. I mostly write my blogs on WordPress, and I will recommend that use WordPress because it’s the biggest blogging platform in the world.

Why is WordPress a more essential and best blogging platform?

1. It’s straightforward to use and simple to set up
2. Many free themes and layouts are available
3. you will be stuck anywhere in the blog, there is forum support to help you
4. People can communicate with you very fast.


Select your blog and domain name:- Select the correct blog name according to your topic. Your blog should be detailed, so potential users will immediately tell what your blog is regarding only from the name of the topic.
When you have select blog name ideas, you will need to select a domain extension. A .net, .com are the domain name extensions. But mostly, the used domain name extension is .com. If you have a blog name and domain, be sure that no one has the same name as your blog name. You can not put spaces and punctuation in blog names and domain names.

Example- If your blog name is playing with ex and the domain name is .com, then write “” This is the correct way.

Choose a theme and design your blog:- After selecting a blog name and platform, then the next step to choose the best theme for your blog. A theme is the visible design of your blog. If you are an excellent web developer, you can design your theme. But if you are not a web developer, then in WordPress, you can pick theme according to your choice. There are various free themes available on the website, and paid themes are also available you can select if you are willing to pay.

Create your important pages:-Every blog must have some important, foundational data. Who you’re. Why peoples ought to hear from you, however, they’ll get to convey with you if they need doubts or want to decide with you. There are too many pages which you need to make like about us, contact us, Shop us, career, home, etc.

Describe your content strategy:- If you want that your blog should be flourishing, then content strategy is the most relevant part of the blog. Firstly set your purpose for your blog. For writing, you have to learn the users what they want. When you are writing a blog, remember about readers of every age, and then compose content according to them.

Advertise your content:- If you are a blogger, then its necessary to schedule or publish your blog daily. Think, if you are a reader, then every reader has a habit of reading the blog daily. If any reader will come to your website and they notice that you have not posted any content. Then he/she drops interest from your website. So, advertise your content daily.


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