How Can You Remove Third-party Apps from your Google Account

  1. When you use the Google Sign-in way, you permit the app or website to access your personal and delicate data automatically. We make a profile and also trust websites that they won’t misuse it.


    See, how you can remove third-party apps on the Desktop and smartphones:

    HOW TO REMOVE THIRD-PARTY ACCESS OF APPS ON DESKTOP:- To remove third-party access of apps on the Desktop, follow these steps:

    1. If you are not signed in already in the Google account, first sign in to your Google account. You have to go to the


2. After sign in to your account, a new page will open, and you will see different options like update your personal info, fix security issues with your account, remove access to third-party access, etc. From the various options, click on the “Security” on the top.


3. Now scroll down, and you have to find the option third-party apps with account access. It means that you provided these websites and apps access to some of your Google Account data, including data that may be delicate. On the bottom of the section, click on the ‘Manage third-party apps” option.


4. You’ll have two separate lists; one is Third-party apps with accounts access, and the other is Signing in with Google.


5. To remove the service which you want. You have to click “Remove Access.” Now your information is no longer accessible to that service which you have removed. Repeat that process for those services which you want to remove.




  1. As you did on the computer, the same, you must have Google App on your smartphone. Open that app on your smartphone and sign in to your account. Then on the top right corner, click on the “Avatar.”


2. Now click on the “manage your Google Account” option. Then the settings will open in a new app. Then in that app, you can make all the changes as we did on Desktop.



3. You will see at the top some tabs horizontally, scroll that tab. From the various list of options, tap on the “Security.” Then click on the “Third-party apps with account access” option. Now to reveal the list of apps associated with your Google Account click on the “Manage third-party access” option.

4. Now select the service and click on the “Remove Access” button and your service will remove from the app. Same you can do with other services.


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