How You Can Post Live Photos On Instagram Story From iPhone

How to Post Live Photos On Instagram Story From iPhone

One of the coolest characteristics of Instagram is to post Live photos from your phone. From iPhones, you can combine video and GIF imagery to make your photo more attractive. Now the question is that how to post live photos on Instagram story from iPhone?

Here we will discuss the best methods of how to post Live photos on Instagram story from iPhone:-


  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. On the top-left corner of the iPhone screen, you will see the camera button click on that button.

  1. This will open a folder to access your recent pictures.

  1. Then select the “Live” photo option. There are no options to set the live photos, so remember the image which is taken is perfect for your story.
  1. Now, after using the live photos, your photo is still image. To turn on the Boomerang feature just long-press the screen to turn on.

  1. Now select the option of stories. How do you want to choose the story? You want to post your story, want to send your story to your friends. Select the option which you want.


  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Click on a chat thread and select the (+) button. Click on the ‘Photo & Video Library’ option to retrieve the images from your Camera Roll.

  1. On the left bottom corner, you can view a small dot of every Live Photo. To open a menu, long-press a Live Photo. It will let you choose the Live Photo as a standard photo or as a GIF. Click on ‘Select as GIF’ to proceed.

  1. We will send the Live Photo as a video and download it to the Camera Roll because you can’t download the GIF for WhatsApp. After Sending the Video, on the bottom left, click the video and then tapped on the ‘Share’ button.


  1. Now you have an option to save the video to your Camera Roll. Now you can upload the video in the same way which you have done in the previous method.


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