How You Can Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone And iPad


Are you want to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone Mobile, then here we will discuss it.

A cache is used for temporary data stored by apps and websites so they can run more efficiently in the future. Your phone will recreate the cache even after you remove it.

Storage space is that mostly the iPhone users will ultimately get a problem. The device has an insufficient amount of space for files, and it can quickly be used by apps, pictures, videos, and music. While there are many items that you can do to free up this space, Spotify gives you a simple functionality hidden within the app that permits you to quickly delete all local cache from Spotify, which is a very beneficial tool that can free up some space as well.

In this, we will guide you How to Delete Spotify Cache On iPhone And iPad:-


  1. Open the Spotify app and on the top of the right-hand side of your phone tap on the Settings option.


  1. Now select the storage option.

  1. There is a delete cache option. Click on that option.

  1. If you want to delete then click on confirm and clear all the cache.

You have to Note that you can also view the total cache storage of Spotify at this Storage screen where you start the cache removal. How much cache storage is used up by Spotify depends on a category of factors.

Most iPhone users won’t ever fall into a circumstance where clearing cache is essential from their devices, but if you encounter storage space on iPhone or iPad is running short or is full, then seldom clearing out app caches can return a free space to the device, so it can be a helpful trick to know.

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