How You Can Automatically Silence Unknown and Spam Calls on iPhone in iOS 13

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In my business, these spam calls and unknown users always infuriate me. This will distract your attention, and you can’t concentrate on your work thoroughly. Also, there is a way to block calls on iPhone. But, Apple has finally proposed a better way to silence unknown automatically and spam calls on iPhone in iOS 13. In this article, here we will show how you can automatically silence unknown calls and spam calls on iPhone in iOS 13:-

How You Can Automatically Silence Unknown and Spam Calls in iOS 13 or Later:-

So, how does this characteristic work? Well, Apple works Siri intelligence to permit calls to ring your iPhone only from your address book, Messages, and Mail. And it automatically sends all other requests calls to voicemail. You can check those unwanted calls from the Recent list. See how it works:-

  1. On your iPhone, open the “Settings” and scroll down the options and click on “Phone.”

  1. Then, enable the switch for Silence Unknown Callerslocated under the “Calls Silencing and blocked contacts” section.

That is done! Move forward, both the unknown and spam calls will be silenced on your iOS devices. But the phone calls from your Contacts, Messages, and Mail will continue to ring as usual.

So, this is the steps on how you can use this opt-in feature to deal with unwanted calls in a better way. I am using it on my iPhone ever since iOS 13 rolled out. And I have found it quite durable. Everyone needs to apply this feature, and seriously you will not distract anymore with doing this. Don’t forget to report us your feedback about this feature of automatically silence unknown calls and block spam calls in the iPhone on iOS 13 in the comments section below.

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