Call Center 101: How to Deal with Irate Customers

Call Center 101: How to Deal with Irate Customers

In the Philippines, call centers are abundant. This means that jobs in these types of companies are also widespread not just in Metro Manila, but also across the country. Most of them offer the title of a call center agent.

For those who are interested in getting this job, you need to know that it is not an easy task to do, particularly when you are dealing with irate customers. Unfortunately, they are someone you cannot avoid. But don’t worry because there are a couple of things you could practice so you could deal with them properly.

Keep Your Calm

The first thing you should do when you are talking to an irate customer is to breathe in and keep your calm. Remember, you are representing your company, which means you have to remain professional at all times. Thus, you cannot be on the customer’s level and show annoyance upon dealing with this kind of caller.

Take Responsibility and Offer Solutions

Since you are representing your side of the company, you have to take responsibility for the issues your customer is reporting about. This will reassure them that you are someone they could trust to resolve their issues. However, you need to do more than that; you must also provide possible solutions to their problems. Keep in mind that most of the time irate customers are just frustrated because they feel helpless, which means you have to show them that you can help them.

Listen Attentively

As an agent in one of the call centers in the Philippines, it is your job to listen attentively to all of your customers’ complaints – even if they are mad and angry when replying to your questions. However, simply listening is not enough, you should showcase attentive listening. In order to let your caller know you are hearing their concerns, you have to reply with verbal cues such as “oh,” “ah,” and “I see.”

Show Empathy

Another thing irate customers need from you is your empathy. They need to feel that you understand their circumstances. You could utilize phrases that start with “I understand,” “I’m sorry to hear that,” and “I hear you” to let your caller know that you are not only hearing their plight, but you also understand it. They are more likely to calm down after you let them know that you empathize with them.


After properly empathizing with your customer, you should apologize for whatever inconvenience they experienced because of the issue they are calling about. You might feel like you are nothing to apologize for, but you must remember that you are representing your company, meaning if there is something your company provide unsatisfactory services, then you should apologize for it.

Don’t Take it Personally

Last but not the least; you should never take the insults your customer throws at you personally. Remember, they are only venting out all their frustrations on the person that could help them out, which is you. So, just let them speak whatever they want to say and let it go after the call ends.

This tip is not only for your customer’s sake, but for your own as well.


Dealing with an irate customer is one of the things you have to deal with as a Philippine call center agent. The experience is not going to be easy or pleasant, but after you’ve dealt with it properly, you will definitely feel accomplished in your role.


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