Does Big data analytics offer a promising career?


Big data has been a buzz word for quite some time and with the advent of ‘Internet of Things’, the significance of Big data has increased significantly. There is no doubt that businesses need to come up with innovative strategies in order to leverage data and it seems that Big data is indispensable at the moment.

Big data matters!

Digitalization and automation are the needs of the hour and for that businesses need to untap the value of data. Developed and developing countries alike have increasingly embraced digital transformation which in turn has created a booming economic sector giving rise to many flourishing industries.

 Take for example the case of Malaysia where the digital economy is not only functioning with great efficiency but also continuously adding the GDP of the nation. This is why Malaysia had a Big data vision since long and the government is putting much emphasis on embracing it.

Big data is huge and complicated but it can reveal deep secrets which ultimately leads to business growth and increased efficiency. Big data analytics also has the potential of solving highly complicated problems in fields like Astronomy, Medical science and cybersecurity.

Skills you need to acquire in Big data:

Taming Big data requires specialized skills as a Big data analyst is expected to deal with enormous volumes of data and extract useful information out of those data sets. Both, the knowledge of sophisticated tools and a creative mind is required in order to be a Big data analyst. You must enroll in any of the reputed Big data analytics courses available and earn useful skills like-

  • Knowledge of Hadoop

Hadoop is in the centre of any work related to Big data. It is a revolutionary technology which allows analysis of Big data even on industry standard hardware and is a complete framework of software utilities for any Big data analytics related task. Hadoop allows users to store any kind of data with massive storage capacity and with limitless processing power! Using a cluster of machines, any organization can leverage Big data with the help of Hadoop and can undertake several tasks at the same time.

  • Knowledge of database languages like SQL and NoSQL
    SQL and NoSQL are languages needed for interaction with data base management systems which is an integral part of Big Data. Both SQL and NoSQL are extremely important and recruiters constantly demand skills in such languages.
  • Scripting languages like Python
    Python is another important programming language which is mainly used for scripting in Big data. Moreover, Python is extremely popular in the world of data science and thus is instrumental.

In Conclusion
There is no doubt that Big data offers a great career field. However, in order to taste success in that field you will need be a certified Big data analyst. There are many good Big data analytics courses, choose the one where you can easily learn all the important skills which will help you immensely in making a career in Big data!


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