Best free VPN apps for iOS and Android


As you know that there is no shortage of free VPN apps for iOS and Android, but these apps either sell your data or contains too many malware ads. A report leaked a few years ago that on Google Play Store, these free VPN apps leaked user’s web traffic. With that out of the process, there are yet great free VPNs out there, with the freemium model i.e., a part of service is free and then you have to pay for premium features.




  1. Opera Beta Browser:- Opera Beta browser is one of the best VPN apps that doesn’t keep any log. To start this app, you have to download the beta version of the app from the Google Play store; then you will see the VPN option there, click on the Private mode and enable the VPN, click on the toggle. Now you can search everything inside this incognito browser is protected by a VPN but VPN is active only in this browser and not outside of it. The best part is that you can use the VPN unlimited. But there is no option to switch countries.


2. Proton VPN:- If you are searching for a system-wide VPN service, then Proton VPN is a good option. You have to download the VPN client on your phone, switch it ON and secure servers will route all your internet traffic. This VPN offers you an unlimited VPN with high speed. If you want to make money, then you can use the premium option to start from $4. This VPN is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

3. Consider Paid VPN:- The Opera Beta browser and Proton VPN is a good free VPN, but you can’t trust at all. So, if you want the best and excellent VPN service, you have to pay for it. There are so many paid VPN that you can use like  Smart DNS Proxy VPNExpress VPNNordVPNTorGourd, etc. The cost of this VPN is around $3-$5, and for the extra services, you have to pay extra. The best services of this paid VPN is that it works on Netflix and Torrents, Faster and reliable than free VPN, many servers to choose from and Available for all platform include a TV. In this paid VPN, there is no encryption.


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