Best 5 DIY Floor Tiles Design Ideas


There will always be someone out there that has such a creative drive that everything they have should be customized in a way. most of the time such artisan desires are present in many people who do DIY projects. Homogeneous tiles made from the Philippines are just one of the most used materials when it comes to these projects.

Floor tiles are usually bland or have a monotonous pattern to prevent it from being too eye-catching. However, there will always be people who would go the extra mile and decorate even the tiles that make up the floor.

For those who are looking for some way to spice up the floor tiles at your home, here are some of the best DIY floor tile design ideas to date!

  1. Paint your Style Away

If you’re talented enough, make use of it! If you have floor tiles that only come in your plain colors, possibly black, white, or beige, then use it as the perfect canvas to show off your artistic side! Just purchase some paint and let loose with different designs! Use the floor as the canvas and express your imagination to its utmost limits!

  1. Stencils and Tendrils

If you don’t have any interest in painting, but you still want to make use of the great canvas that is your floor tiles, try using stencils for patterns and what not. Stencils are the option for those who don’t have a lot of know-how when it comes to painting and drawing but still have the eye for design. Using stencils are very easy. just choose a design and apply it on an area you think it best fits in!

  1. Chaotic Patterns

Having tiles that are meant to be installed in a pattern doesn’t mean that you should. Sometimes a little chaos and disarray in laying the pattern tiles can create an amazing aesthetic. When it comes to designing your own, you are the boss. You can be as organized or as chaotic in the aesthetics as possible.

  1. Draw using Tiny Tiles

In the Philippines, Homogeneous tiles come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. One such tile, the smallest of the hexagonal tiles can bring you enough versatility to help you draw your own design using these tiles. you can go a simple route and use just two colors, such as black and white to create your design, or you can go all out and create a mosaic out of the small tiles.

This idea takes a lot of patience and skill to pull off, but once you’re finished, your hard work will surely be worth it.

  1. Printouts

Lastly, and probably the easiest one to do would be printing out a design and pasting it onto the floor. Yes, it sounds a bit lazy for your typical DIY fanatic. However, when done right, it will still achieve the same feel and style that most of the mentioned tile ideas, without the effort of doing things onto the tiles themselves.

Key Takeaway

There are so many things that you can do to stylize your floor tiles. try out the mentioned design ideas and your floor will turn from bland into grand in no time!


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