Basic information about the differential pressure gauge


Differential pressure is known to be the difference between two pressure measurements within the two points of a single system. This kind of measurement is generally used in systems with instruments have pressure functions. This includes weather, aircraft and automobile systems.

This equipment allows measuring differential pressure just like the hot water thermometer allows measuring the pressure of the hot water. It is known to be an industrial instrument that shows the variance between two input connections. It works well when measuring any pressure change in substance whether that is in liquid or in gas form.


The time, two system inputs have a significant difference in pressure, it becomes more essential. Different types of pressure gauges are available in the market and they all are made to fulfill different requirements accordingly. Companies are able to find out the best fit according to their need.

The first type of this gauge is the piston sensor differential pressure gauge. This is the well known and commonly used gauge in the industrial purpose. One must know that this type of gauge is also known as the affordable type of pressure measuring tools to be used in measuring the contamination level in a filtration system.

Switches are also there connected on these refrigeration pressure gauges as that helps to prevent the flow of fluid in a filtration system from stopping. Even both of the parts inhibit the cartridge of that particular filtration system from collapsing. Moreover, it is used in heat exchangers and for other liquid systems whichever require positive pressure in order to keep that safe.

If the systems have the possibility of pressure turnaround, then this type of gauge will not be recommended anyway. Whether it is about the commonly used gauge or the tridicator gauge, all of the equipment has quite the same functionalities that vary on their purpose and usage.

There is another type of differential gauge that is the kind with a small convoluted diaphragm. These gauges are recommended in measuring pressure with low ranges as these have the ability to detect lower pressure amounts. It also has a larger area that can interrupt pressure and these are used commonly used in displaying liquid level along with orifice, venturi or nozzle flow rate.

The liquid level and flow rate pressures are measured based on the square foot of the differential pressure. The small convoluted diaphragm gauge obtains the measurement by using the special square root dials. The medium convoluted diaphragm pressure gauge is also there that allows the display of flow pressure.

These are the types of gauges that are available on the market and are also able to fulfill industrial needs. For that reason, it is quite easy for the companies to decide their needs and acquire the type of gauge they are actually looking for based on their requirement.

Some companies are there that will not be able to run without this equipment as these are one of the most important equipment for companies to have.


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