Apps to Improve Your WhatsApp Experience


WhatsApp, the immediate messaging platform now controlled by Facebook, has become one of the main experts for staying in impact with friends and family. One billion peoples across the globe use this app. We will tell you the apps which make your WhatsApp experience better.

Here are some of the Apps to Improve WhatsApp experience better:

  1. SQUARE PIC:-  To setting the profile picture, WhatsApp requires the image to be in square format. When we upload the profile picture, sometimes it gets trimmed most essential parts which show the less appealing pictures. To get rid of this, there is an app named Square Pic that permits you to change your image in a square format. This app also provides characteristics like setting background colors, changing blur intensity, joining Snapchat styled text, setting borders, and even utilizing filters.

apps to improve whatsapp experience


2. STATUS SAVER:- We all see that some of the friends show amazing and cool videos on their status. If you are asking to send the videos, then you will say that they created that video. You don’t need to depend on such a friend who behaves like that. With this app, you can download any image or video of your contacts that have uploaded to WhatsApp Status.


3. MESSAGE PORTAL:- When you wanted to delete Whatsapp messages from WhatsApp? With this app, you can read all the notification in one place. When you delete the messages, you will get the notification once, inside the app you can retain all the messages.

4. TRANSCRIBER:- ranscriber, as the name mentions, gives you a transcription of audio messages in text format. You have only to press and hold the audio message and Share it with Transcriber. The app also works with the forwarded audio files. This app gives you an ad feature, but after taking the app purchase, you can remove the app.


5. STICKER MAKER:- There is a fun-loving to send stickers, and you can customized stickers with the help of the Sticker maker app. With this app, you can create customized stickers from your images.


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