5 Things To Know Before You Get Your Tattoo Removed

Tattoo Removal

Perhaps you are now in the “Tattoo Regret Phase” or just want to get rid of the tattoo either for a new one or to flaunt your tattoo-less skin. Whatever the reason is, ensure that you keep in mind the following before you get your tattoo removal session.

  • It needs Multiple Treatments: Tattoo removal treatment is not a one-day or one-treatment job. There are multiple treatments and sessions required to get rid of the tattoo. Also, the duration between two sessions and treatment is also decided carefully so as to keep skin irritation and side effects away.
  • Location Matters: Fading the tattoo after the tattoo removal session depends a lot on its location. If the tattoo is away from the heart, it takes more time to fade as compared to the tattoo located near it. This happens because blood circulation is better near the heart.
  • Type of Ink: The color of the ink selected to draw the tattoo and how deep that is embedded are some of the other factors that a tattoo removal expert always considers. You too should always keep them in mind before expecting a “fading date” of your tattoo.
  • Expect These Post Treatments: Blisters, swelling, redness, temporary darkening, the raising of the design, etc. are some of the symptoms that a person with a tattoo normally experiences. If they persist for a long time, consult the doctor again who helped you get rid of the tattoo.
  • Potential Risk of Hypo-Pigmentation: There is a risk of hypo-pigmentation, especially for people with darker skin. This especially takes place when an individual goes under laser treatment for tattoo removal. The laser removes the pigment from your skin along with the pigment of the tattoo, thus, causing hypo-pigmentation.

laser tattoo removal

In Conclusion

Initial tattoo removal consultation is quite necessary. Ensure to be very much cleared before you go under the laser to get rid of the tattoo from your skin.


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