5 Things I Refuse to Do until After My Morning Coffee


Coffee is the most preferred drinks all around the globe. “Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep” – Fran Drescher, an American actress and activist quotes it right. Even Jackie Chan once stated, “Coffee is a language itself.” According to the information sourced from Wikipedia, more than 2.25 billion cups of coffee is consumed everyday all across the world. It works as a magic bean as it is one of the most popular beverage that people ask for every morning when it comes to getting refreshed after night-long sleep. The fact is – no other drink can take place of coffee; those who love it, love it for reasons and its salubrious values.

Coffee has high stimulant effects which activate us psychologically. Coffee beans are of different types ranging from Arabica coffee beans to Brazilian coffee and green coffee to black coffee. Every coffee has its own aroma and specific characteristics that makes it a favorite beverage of a particular region. But there are coffee brands like ‘Arabica’ and few others that are popular worldwide.

5 Major Benefits of Coffee:

  1. Coffee forms an important part of your breakfast. Thus it is an integral part of the morning ritual of many. Coffee acts as a morning stimulant and activates for the complete day. It serves as an energy drink for people who are lazy, especially those who feel inactive after waking up in the morning.
  2. Coffee is a miracle drink influencing our metabolism to stay active for whole day. Regular intake of coffee everyday specifically in the morning may help you an energized physical state and active mind.
  3. In order to deal with daily tantrums, what could be more refreshing than a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? Since it’s a stimulant, it helps you stay calm enabling you to handle
  4. Coffee controls the temper of people and makes them a pleasant person all this after a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee can help you get to the grip of every undertaking of your daily life.
  5. A cup of coffee in the morning refreshes you and helps you be ready for the day. It also enhances your mental skills aiding and abetting you to do your daily tasks with utmost proficiency. It can also improve your concentration and focusing abilities.

You can find coffee in more than hundreds of verities and brands bearing distinct flavor and effect. But, those who love it having in the morning never like to have more than 2 brands on their kitchen shelves. Some like it for its aroma, some are fond of the flavor – all in all, people have discrete choices when it comes to choosing the best.

Though there are hundreds of brands and verities of coffee that are loved regionally, there are some coffee brands like Arabica Coffee Beans and some more that are loved globally. Some like coffee in the roasted and ground form while others consume it green making it an important part of their weightloss regime. So which coffee tickles your fancy, find it and have at least one in your kitchen. A cup of fresh coffee in the morning can be good start of your day – make it your routine.



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