5 Plants That Fight Garden Pest

5 Plants That Fight Garden Pest Control

Have you ever played Plants vs Zombies? If you did, you’ll know how powerful plants can be in the game. But it doesn’t there, plants are also powerful as pest control in real life. They fight garden pests that damages our homegrown plants and people’s health.

Say ants, wasps, beetles, and rabbits, what do you use against them? Here’s a compilation of plants that you need to grow in your garden to use as pest control to protect your lovely garden against pests’ damages.


Garlic may smell bad, but they can help you a lot in turning your garden into a pest-free bed of blooming flowers. Specifically, it protects roses from plant lice, also called as aphids, that ruins the beauty of the iconic flower. It also assists plants such as pear and apple trees, cucumbers, celery, and lettuce from combating specific pests like ants and rabbits.


It can be frustrating to see your attractive flowers withering away only a few days after it’s bloom. The culprit? Hornworms, asparagus beetles, cabbage worms, leafhoppers, and aphids. Or either of them. These pests love to lounge around essential parts of the flowers in order to feed themselves, however, they’re being destructive.

In order to fight them, try planting petunias. Petunias are effective in repelling these pests because of the strong scent its juice bore which pests never liked.


Are you getting tired of the presence of aphids in your garden? We’ll here’s a tip, plant marigolds. They’re effective in fighting aphids, rather, as a medium to fight aphids. In case you didn’t know, aphids are scared of hoverflies as they are their prime predators. In which, these marigold flowers tend to attract.

Not only that, marigold flowers can also play pest control alternatives as it is capable of exterminating other small-sized insects such as nematodes and whiteflies for good!

You don’t also need to worry about aesthetic, as marigolds are widely used in real estates for décor. Double purpose, e?


Borage makes a good companion for most plants in the garden. It’s does not only display quite a unique aesthetic with its little blue flowers, but it also attracts predatory insects that can scare off or exterminate harmful pests.

It’s known to be tall when positioned properly given its sprawling nature, and includes scratchy hairs all over its stem that helps keep pests away like hornworms and cabbageworms.


If you’re looking for a plant that will not only act as your pest control but will also help give off aromatic scent over the area, lavender flowers are the best choice to go for.

Basically, they are known for being those beautiful purple flowers illuminating the surrounding with light atmosphere. But lavenders can do more than that, they can also repel insects such as whiteflies, fleas, moths, and mosquitoes with its scent and character.


So, there you go! Why not grow some of these plants now to keep pests from further damaging your lovely gems in the garden bed? They will not only help you protect your garden, but they will also create a wonderful aesthetic for your home.


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