4 Awesome Tips to Have a Healthy Lifestyle Even If You’re Busy


Lately, more and more people are starting to neglect their health just so they could prioritize their work and their careers. In response to an ever-increasing amount of people failing to take care of themselves, companies in the Philippines like USANA can deliver what people need for health and wellness—and with USANA Philippines’ price list for their 2017 and 2018 products, a healthy lifestyle can be an absolute guarantee, even in times of busyness.

With that said, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while being busy can take a lot of effort accomplish—and with these tips in store for you, doing so will definitely be a walk in the park for you!

Start the day off right and eat breakfast

Perhaps the most important meal of the day, breakfast serves an important role in living a healthy lifestyle. Starting the day with a balanced and nutritious breakfast provides you with the energy to face the day head-on. When preparing a healthy breakfast, make sure that it has a high amount of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and good fats. Foods like oatmeal, whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and avocados provides you with the adequate nutrients. Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar such as candy bars and sugary cereals as the increased sugar levels only lasts for a while before you inevitably crash down from the high.

Prepare your meals in advance

People often resort to eating unhealthy food because they can’t find the time to cook meals, especially during weeknights. Preparing meals in advance, usually during the weekends, offloads most of the work needed to make a healthy meal on busy days. Allot an hour or two on the weekends to do simple food preparation like peeling, chopping, or sautéing some vegetables to make assembly on the day you need it easier. You can also spend a little more time and cook full meals, separate them into different containers, and store them in the refrigerator for easy meals on-the-go.

Keep yourself hydrated

One of the simplest ways to live a healthier lifestyle is to increase your water intake. People often don’t realize that they are already dehydrated, resulting in symptoms similar to those of headaches and migraines. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can also help you feel full so you don’t snack unnecessarily throughout the day. Bring a reusable water bottle to work or school to save money on bottled water. Refilling it as the day goes on also allows you to stretch your legs so you’re not spending the day sitting down.

Avoid pre-packaged foods and drinks

Pre-packaged foods may seem like the easier option, but they are often loaded with excess sugar, sodium, fat, and preservatives. In fact, some of them even present their products as the healthier option; but don’t be fooled as nothing beats whole natural foods. A good rule of thumb to follow in this regard is that the fewer ingredients the food contains, the better.

Key Takeaway

It may not seem important at the moment, but down the line, no matter how successful you become, your health will always play an important role in your life. There is no better time to start taking care of your body than now, so make the change and enjoy the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle, especially with the price list of USANA Philippines’ 2017 products in store for you!


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