3 Best Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes

Liquor, in the Philippines and pretty much anywhere around the world is one of the best things that people can enjoy with. Every sip, every shot, and every gulp of this intense kind of beverage spells good times right ahead with your friends. However, liquor is known for being one of the main causes of weight gain, which in turn can put a pretty big damper on anyone on a good day. With that said, thank god and the high heavens for the existence of the one thing loved by fitness-enthusiast drinkers everywhere: low-calorie cocktail recipes!

Low-calorie recipes are some of the best things to ever make it onto any bar menu there is! Think of these cocktail recipes as the saving graces of anyone looking to enjoy the RIGHT AND MODERATE wonders of alcohol while at the same time maintaining their figure. In any case, there are numerous low-calorie cocktail recipes for anyone to try, such as these 3 marvels that can definitely bring you one step closer to your dream body with every sip (as well as with some exercise and a good diet to match):

    1. Pina Colada

Pina Colada

Pina Colada, a timeless and classic selection of anything having to do with liquor, is one of the best choices of drinks that anyone and everyone can make. Not only can this drink up the indulgence factor a couple of notches, it can also leave you with a guilt-free experience with every sip you take.

Making this drink for yourself is one of the easiest tasks to do as all you’ll need for this tropical concoction is none other than some pineapple juice, a dash of coconut water, ice, coconut rum, and a pineapple wedge that can serve as your drink’s garnish. Mix them all up together and you’ll definitely have the Philippine’s finest liquor choice to indulge in!

    1. Sangria


 What’s great about this drink is that not only is it tasty to indulge in, it’s also one of the best choices for you to enjoy without feeling any regret with every glass finished! Sangria is also one of the most extravagant choices of alcoholic beverages to date—and making this drink is all the more fun and easy!

All you’ll need for this drink is some wine and fruits to mix together. Of course, the variety of wine can determine the amount of weight you can lose—so with that said, white wine is the best choice to use for Sangria.

    1. Adult Hot Chocolate

Adult Hot Chocolate

 Hot Chocolate is one of the best drinks enjoyed by all people of all ages—so why not give it an adult twist? For this low-calorie cocktail recipe, all you’ll need is a packet of hot chocolate mix, hot water, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. With the pack of hot chocolate mix, make it as usual by mixing it with hot water, then add your adult twist by topping it with a splash of Bailey’s Irish cream. The flavors you’ll taste will surely send a tingle down your tongue!

Key Takeaway

These 3 low-calorie cocktail recipes are some of the best ones for you to consider when you want to enjoy a guilt-free experience with every sip of alcohol you take! Plus, they’re tasty AND healthy—so what’s more to ask?


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