10 Questions You Should Ask Your Removal Company before Hiring

house movers
house movers

Moving to another home includes a lot of hassle in short time. It also involves making decisions about what to carry and what to dump, and all of these decisions are needed to be taken in a short time. From selecting the best supplies for deciding the date to move in the number of to-dos can go on increasing. Of these all, the most critical decision also happens to be the hardest — choosing the right moving company.

When surfing the internet, you can find thousands of local, interstate and international companies available to help you move out. Some of the cheap moving companies can help you move your belongings safely. There is no shortage of choices, but it is essential to ask the right questions before hiring a moving company for the job:

Is your company properly licensed?


All the professional moving companies should be appropriately licensed and should have a license number issued by the Department of Transportation. The license number can be used to check the history and also for any issues or complaints.

Do they have experience with the type of move?


When hiring a company, ask them if they have ample experience handling your specific belongings. For instance, if you have your apartment in a high-rise building with multiple storeys, they must have the experience to shift your belongings. Movers should be well prepared to handle all the problems they might face — parking problems, no elevators, small doorways, etc.


Ask detailed questions about the Insurance:


Insurance is usually decided on the basis of weight. So, you will need to assess the value of your belongings versus what the insurance policy will provide if your goods get damaged.

Rates and Estimates:


Ask the company about their rate and on what basis it has been calculated. Most companies estimate rates based on the distance and weight. Usually, for long distance, the rate would be distance based, but when it comes to short distances, it is calculated on an hourly basis.

Additional Fees:


Find out if there are any additional fees for any delicate items. Sometimes, the companies charge extra if the destination does not have easy access. Ask about all the details and reasons when the companies might charge you extra.

Packing and Storage services:


Ask them how they are going to pack the items and label them. Ask them if the company is going to charge for wraps and packing or provide it for free. Make sure how the things are going to be labeled so that they can be identified upon arriving.

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Complaints and claims:

Ask the company about their history related to complaints and claims of the lost item. Make sure the company has resolved the complaints satisfactorily for the clients. Also, ask how many claims and complaints they have had, it can provide you with a record of their incidents.

What is the cancellation policy?

Determine the amount of return the company is going to provide for any cancellation policy.

Does the company provide any discounts or promotions?

Current discounts are sometimes available. Discounts can be during the off-peak season and student discounts. Sometimes, a specific situation can also lead to considerable discounts.

Ask for referrals and recommendations:


Most of the companies will happily provide you with letters of happy clients.

There are many moving companies in London that you can hire. Thus, choose a moving company after asking the above questions and make sure that you choose the right one for your work.


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