If there's one name synonymous with the Dodgers, it's not a player, manager or any team official. It's Vin Scully

For more than a half-century, there wasn't a Dodgers game that didn't begin this way for fans at home or the stadium: "It's Time For Dodger Baseball!"

Vin Scully began announcing games on the radio and then on television when the Dodgers still played in Brooklyn

He spent more time with one team than any other announcer in sports history, before he retired after the 2016 season

It wasn't just longevity that made Scully great. It wasn't his baseball knowledge—which was prodigious

Veteran broadcaster Larry King remembered Vin Scully from his time both in Brooklyn and L.A. "There's a comfort zone. You feel home," King said

He had the famous call of the 1986 Red Sox-Mets World Series game in which Bill Buckner let a ground ball through his legs at first base

Finally, he decided age had caught up with him. After 67 seasons, 2016 was his last. Before the final home stand, the team held a moving ceremony at Dodger Stadium