Jennette McCurdy defends book's title: Sincerely

By Aashish Verma

Jennette McCurdy, who believes she was abused by her late mother Debra, stands by her memoir's title.

"I know that it's attention-grabbing, but I mean it truly," she remarked on "GMA" on Wednesday.

"iCarly" alum, 30, said she wasn't using the title "flippantly" and hopes abused people will grasp her message.

“While the response was mixed, I appreciate the kind feedback,” she remarked.

"Anyone who has experienced parental abuse and has a sense of humour knows this term."

McCurdy said she doesn't care what others think because "this book isn't for them."

McCurdy said she misses her cancer-stricken mother. She claimed she wouldn't have written her biography if her mum were still living since her "identity would still be controlled by her."